Peace of Mind

Smart locks:

Take comfort in knowing that your home and family are safe with added security solutions from Control4.

Smart locks can notify you of daily ins-and-outs, scheduled lighting can fluctuate at alternating times, security cameras are accessible from your smartphone, audio and lighting can be incorporated into your alarm system, and the list goes on.

Occupancy Simulation:

A smart home means more than just convenience—it means safety, as well. Secure your loved ones and your home by monitoring and controlling your home from your mobile devices. You could even have your home simulate occupancy to deter mischief and crime while you’re out of town.

Mockupancy is a type of “occupancy simulation.” Control4 can keep track of all lighting, blinds, and video entertainment while you’re at home.

Automated System:

When you leave the house and put Control4 in “Away” mode, Control4 will replay those behaviors throughout your automated system (using slightly randomized times). To an outside observer, it will look just like you’re home, watching your favorite shows and turning lights on and off at the expected times.

With smart locks, you can lock and unlock any connected door, as well as keep track of who accesses the locks, and when, with personalized codes that you can set and control.  You can even schedule specific access times and temporary codes to visitors, remotely lock and unlock doors from any web-enabled device or program all doors to lock at once when you put the rest of the house to sleep.